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7 House Selling Tips for First-Time Sellers

If this is the first time you’ve sold a house, there are a few things you need to know about how the property market works. Or, more accurately, how the minds of buyers work.

There are several issues within your control that can speed up the house selling process. Give buyers what they’re looking for, and you can maximise interest in your property. This could be crucial if your future plans require a quick house sale.

Here are four house selling tips for first-time sellers.

1. Restrict access to pets

Pets can cause serious problems for homeowners looking for a quick sale. They leave hair and little messes everywhere. And although you might be immune to them, they leave their own odours wherever they go. It’s also worth remembering that a lot of people are intimidated by dogs and cats. Proceed with caution and keep your pets out of the way when you’re hosting property viewings.

2. Get the price right

This is crucial. If your asking price is too high, you’ll scare people off. And you simply won’t attract people to viewings. If the price is too low, however, you risk losing out on value. Research local house prices on sites like Zoopla and Rightmove. And ask the opinion of local estate agents. If you don’t get any interest within two weeks of listing your property for sale, consider lowering the price.

3. Tone things down

Natural decor for fast house sales

The idea behind property viewings is to give prospective buyers the chance to envision themselves living in your home. They won’t be able to do this if your personal photos, possessions and niche decorative choices dominate the property. Strip everything back to the basics. Neutralise the colour schemes, and keep personal items to a minimum. Create a blank canvas on which buyers can paint their own life story.

4. Keep storage spaces clean and tidy

Too many homeowners quickly stuff all their clutter into cupboards and hidden storage spaces when preparing to greet prospective buyers. But this is a big mistake. The storage space in your home is nearly as important as the main rooms.

Buyers will often ask to seek cupboards and other storage areas. After all, we all amass a lot of “stuff” over the years. Clean and tidy your storage areas as if they’re additional rooms. If these spaces are overloaded, consider sending them to a storage facility. Alternatively, ask a friend or relative to store your clutter for you until you find a buyer.

5. Deep clean

This goes back to the “creating a blank canvas” principle. Selling a house fast involves allowing buyers to envision themselves living there. If dirt and dust are present, they will take the focus away from what’s really important.

Perform a thorough deep clean of your entire house just before hosting your first viewing. Or if you have the money, hire a team of professional cleaners to give your property a showroom finish.

6. Harness light

Natural light sells houses

Light makes spaces feel bigger and brighter. And light, spacious rooms always impress buyers. Do your best to harness as much natural light as possible. Open all your curtains and blinds fully. And consider replacing thick curtains with something less intrusive. Keep your windows clean. And remove any obstructions that might stop light from flooding in.

Tip: Place large mirrors directly opposite windows to amplify the effects of natural light.

7. There’s nothing wrong with quick fixes

If your kitchen has seen better days, you don’t always need to replace it. Just attending to repairs and giving the room some fresh decor and accessories can transform it overnight.

For example, if your kitchen cupboards have seen better days, buy some cheap replacement doors. There’s often no need to replace the actual cupboards. Lay some new vinyl, which is a relatively cheap floor covering. And paint the walls a neutral colour. Look for quick fixes that don’t cost a lot to implement — they’re often just as effective as wholesale renovations

These seven tips should help you to sell your house fast. But if time is running out, we can help. Sell Property Fast Cash buys homes fast and without the hassle. We might be able to complete the purchase of your home and get the money into your account within just four weeks of making an offer.

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6 Common Mistakes Made by First-Time House Buyers

The mistakes made by first-time buyers are too numerous to mention in a single article. House buying is a minefield, and it’s normal to make a few mistakes along the way. But knowing what those mistakes are before you buy your first property should help you to secure the home of your dreams without too much stress and hassle.

The main aim is to find a suitable house in a desirable area for a great price. This challenge might sound easy, but it rarely is. And if you don’t have prior experience, you might be in for a tough time.

But worry not! We’re here to help you navigate your first home buying experience. Avoid the following mistakes, and you shouldn’t run into too many difficulties.

1. Not checking your credit score

You can save yourself an awful lot of time by checking your credit score before you start looking for mortgages. The last thing you want is to put yourself through an application process you can never complete. And if you know that your credit score is less than perfect, you can limit your search for mortgages that cater to situations like yours.

2. Not identifying your priorities

Among the most common mistakes made by first-time house buyers is a failure to identify property priorities from the outset. If you simply start bidding on homes you like, you may end up making a huge mistake. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you need to live near your place of work?
  • Do you need good transport links nearby?
  • Do you want a big garden?
  • Do you prefer open-plan living?
  • Do you need off-street parking?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • What’s your budget for renovations?

Get these priorities clear in your mind, and you can fine-tune your property search for success.

3. Not getting your mortgage arranged first

How do you know you’ll get the mortgage you’ll need if you haven’t been approved? Save yourself a lot of time and heartache by getting pre-approved before you start putting in bids. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend. Whittle your prospective homes down according to your budget, and you won’t be left embarrassed further down the line.

4. Aiming for the very top of your house buying budget

So, you got a surprisingly high mortgage offer that expanded your options significantly. Don’t make the mistake of looking for houses at the very top of your range. Judge houses by their merits rather than their price-tag. And don’t forget that there are plenty of hidden costs involved in buying a home. Once stamp duty, fees and legal costs are factored in, the cost of buying your first home could be way higher than you bargained for.

5. Buying with your heart

Of course, there’s always going to be an emotional aspect to buying a first home. After all, this is going to be your refuge from the outside world for quite some time. But don’t get overly attached to any particular house during your search. Try to take an objective approach to property buying. Is it big enough? Can you afford the repairs and renovations? What’s the school like?

While your preferred home might look how you imagined it, there’s far more to consider. Be practical and pragmatic. If it’s not going to serve your needs on a day-to-day basis, move on to the next option.

6. Not getting a survey

House surveys are crucial for first-time house buyers

Understandably, you want to get into your new home as quickly as possible. But failing to carry out the necessary structural checks could backfire spectacularly. Once the house becomes yours, any defects become your responsibility. And that can be a very expensive mistake.

If you’re getting a significant mortgage, the chances are your lender will insist on a comprehensive survey. This will look for everything from damp in the walls to movement in the foundations. But if you don’t need a large mortgage, you may have the option of saving a few pounds by skipping the survey. This is a huge risk, and it’s just not worth taking.

Buying your first home should be fun and exciting. But don’t get too carried away with the romance of it all. Proceeding with caution maximises your chances of a successful first purchase.

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Should I Buy a New-Build Home?

The population in the UK is rising fast. So much so, there’s a real housing crisis that is making life a misery for families up and down the country. According to Crisis, we need another four million homes just to keep up with demand.

In many areas of the country, your best chance of getting on the property ladder involves the purchase of a new-build home. But a modern property isn’t for everyone. If you’re not sure, consider the various pros and cons involved in buying a property directly from a builder.

The pros of buying new-build homes

You choose what your home looks like

If you’re involved in the building project from day one, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to choose a range of features and fittings. You may get to choose paint colours, kitchen cupboards, tiles, taps, light fixtures and a lot more besides.

In most cases, a new-build home is delivered to its new owner with the bare minimum of decorative features. This means you have a blank canvas on which you can express yourself. When you buy an older property, this isn’t always the case.

There are usually fewer issues to deal with

New-build home snagging

When you buy a new-build home, you can be fairly sure that it’s ready to move into. You don’t have to worry about things breaking down or failing shortly after you move in. And even if there are problems, your builder is legally responsible for putting them right.

And it’s not just structural issues you don’t have to worry about. Buying from a developer means you don’t have to worry about the upward property chain collapsing.

There’s often help

You’re much more likely to get help from the government to buy your home if you’re dealing with a major developer. The likes of Help to Buy and Start Homes Initiative can make getting on the property ladder a lot easier — and cheaper. Schemes such as these are often developed in conjunction with national house builders, so the entire buying process is simple and accessible.

Homes are built to modern standards

Building and environmental standards change fast these days. You can now be certain that a new-build house complies with all the various energy-efficiency and building guidelines. This isn’t always the case with older homes. An energy-efficient home is usually easier to sell than older properties. And such a home can drastically reduce your energy bills.

The cons of buying new-build homes

They’re often more expensive

New-build homes

Buying a new home from the builder gives you a property that’s ready to move into. You won’t need to do any repairs or improvements, and that’s something you might have to pay a premium for.

There are often better bargains to be found if you’re prepared to move into an older home. Yes, you might have a lot of work on your hands, but the price you pay is significantly lower than it is for the average new-build.

There’s an element of the unknown involved

New-build homes are being snapped up very quickly these days. And in some cases, they’re being bought before ground has been broken. To make sure you don’t miss out on the new-build of your dreams, you’ll have to sign a contract and pay a deposit before you’ve seen your new home. And that’s always slightly risky. While your prospective new home might look great in a brochure, you can never be sure until you’re looking at bricks and mortar.

New-build homes often suffer from niggling issues

Not all new-build homes are delivered to their new owners in perfect working condition. In fact, there are often teething problems during the first few months. It’s not unusual for builders to be working on snagging lists long after a property changes hands. Issues such as cracking walls, movement, faulty plumbing and damp do arise from time to time. If you’re buying an older home, a survey will identify such issues before you commit.

Most people are very happy with their new-build home — even if there are a few teething problems at first. But it’s always best to be aware of the worst-case scenarios before you take the plunge.

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